Where GastronomicSTL has been and where it is going

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It’s been a while since I last posted a piece here on GastronomicSTL. I picked up a good deal of freelance work these last few months and could not seem to find enough time to contribute the sort of in-depth pieces that I feel are the mainstay of this site. Here is a short list of links to a couple of the pieces I have written for others.

A lengthy look at some of the exceptional dining and drinking establishments in St. Louis including 13 restaurants and 5 bars and breweries.

A piece about the most overused and irritating food terms used in food writing.

A look at the culinary term “Mise en place” and what that means to other STL chefs.

Although my upcoming list of freelance assignments is substantial, I will be publishing the pieces I write for others here, when possible, along with some extra insight and notes related to the piece. I also hope to add some pieces exclusive to GastronomicSTL. Topics I have started researching and writing about include food appropriation claims in the culinary community , the bazaar, impassioned and just strange responses people have posted to online food recipes, and restaurant industry employees biggest peeves in regards to diners and their behavior in restaurants.

Currently I am working on a lengthy piece looking at the mental health challenges specific to the cooks and chefs that work in professional kitchens. I will post this piece after it publishes in May.

I would very much like to hear what sort of stories you would like to read, what you have questions about in regards to food, dining and professional cooking. Please leave me a comment below or email me privately. Thank you to everyone who continues to follow me on GastronomicSTL. I think you will enjoy what is to come

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